A bit about me… I’m a Chartered Organisational Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist, passionate about teaching people to successfully navigate career transitions and build their psychological resilience.

I work with organisations to help create happy, healthy and productive workplaces. I also work with individuals who want to enhance their happiness at work, find their direction, and boost their performance.

I’m fascinated with understanding what creates success and happiness in a career, and this has been the basis of my research and work over the last decade.

Over the past five years, I’ve developed the Resilience Edge® model to help people deal with challenges effectively and thrive in their personal and professional lives. I’ve also launched the Career Compass Club® – a career coaching community helping people access expert career advice, guidance and tips.

For the past three years I’ve also worked as an author, writing and designing courses in areas such as enhancing resilience, developing emotional intelligence, creating a growth mindset and navigating successful career transitions.

If you’re interested in creating success in your career, thriving at work, and mastering career transitions, send me an email or join my Working On®: Thriving at Work group on LinkedIn.



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