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First and foremost, I’m a chartered psychologist. I take hugely important, but often complex psychological research and translate that into tools, strategies and formulas that people can implement to make positive changes in their lives. I describe myself as being a translator between the world of academia and normal life.

I spend my days researching, writing, teaching and coaching. I live and breathe my work, and I love helping people to build their resilience, overcome challenges, learn what it takes to perform at their peak and ultimately thrive in life.

I run the Resilience Edge research centre and I have two gorgeous small children who are showing early signs of being strong-willed, feisty, independent young ladies. I talk a lot about juggling work and home life and finding the right formula for each individual. I also spend a lot of time focusing on getting the work-home balance right for me and my family, because as all working parents know, the juggle is real.

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Take a look at my LinkedIn Learning courses on topics such as emotional intelligence, resilience, self-awareness and coaching. Collectively my courses have had 1,000,000 views, and my “Developing your Emotional Intelligence” course regularly features in the top 20 watched courses list (#5 in 2020).


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Each month I’m posting short coaching videos on to my Instagram page, addressing topics including resilience and emotional intelligence.

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