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About me .

If you joined me in my office you would see books everywhere. On the bookshelf, piled on the side, stacked on the floor. I have a system, so I know what I’m reading next, and everything is categorised. Whilst the reading topics have expanded over the years – psychology, mindset, performance – one thing has stayed consistent, and that’s my interest in biographies.

Ever since I was tiny I’ve been interested in people’s stories. What makes people tick? What decisions led them to end up where they are? What did they learn along the way? How did they achieve success? In fact, some of my earliest memories are reading about people’s lives whilst at primary school. I’m guessing it’s this early interest in people that led me to become a psychologist.

Today I’m a chartered psychologist. I spend most of my working life helping people, teams and organisations understand what it takes to navigate challenges successfully, build resilience in the face of adversity, and create environments where it’s possible for each individual to thrive and perform at their peak, in their own unique way.

Linkedin Learning .

Day-to-day you’ll find me writing, teaching and researching. As a LinkedIn Learning author I create and film psychology focused courses to help people thrive in their working and personal lives. My “Developing your Emotional Intelligence” course has been ranked number five in the top 20 Linkedin Learning courses in 2020, and my courses have collectively received over one million views.

Mindset Matters .

I also write the Mindset Matters newsletter, which is read by over 140,000 people. I delve into topics that help people uncover what psychology research tells us about the tools and strategies we need to thrive in life.

Most recently, I have developed the “10 Days of Resilience” online coaching programme, which will forever be free to access. 2020 has been a life changing year for so many of us, and this programme has been designed to provide people with resilience-enhancing strategies that can be quickly learned and easily implemented to help navigate change, deal with challenges effectively and find opportunities to create positive change. I also regularly film coaching programmes which are free to access on IGTV.

10 days of Resilience.

Subscribe to our 10 days of resilience programme. Each day you’ll be supported and guided to test one of 10 resilience enhancing techniques designed to kick-start your focus on boosting resilience. Each exercise is relatively quick and simple to implement and will easily fit into your busy schedule.