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If you joined me in my office, you would see books everywhere. On the bookshelf, piled on the side, stacked on the floor. Whilst the reading topics have expanded over the years – psychology, mindset, performance – one thing has stayed consistent: my interest in biographies.

Ever since I was tiny, I’ve been interested in people’s stories. What makes people tick? What decisions led them to end up where they are? What did they learn along the way? How did they achieve success? In fact, some of my earliest memories are of reading about people’s lives when I was still in primary school (little school in the UK). I’m guessing this early interest in people led me to become a psychologist.

Today I’m a chartered psychologist. I spend most of my working life teaching, writing, and speaking about navigating challenges successfully, building resilience in the face of adversity, and creating environments where individuals can thrive and perform at their peak in their unique way.


In March 2020, I published the first Mindset Matters newsletter on LinkedIn. A global pandemic was taking hold, so I started the newsletter to provide people with practical tips, tools, and strategies to investigate and thrive in uncertainty. I shared my resilience research and included evidence-based (but simple) tips that everyone could easily apply to their lives.

The newsletter took off in a way I could never have anticipated. Within 11 months, there were 250,000 subscribers, and today over 600,000 people subscribe to receive weekly tips, tools and advice to support thriving in life and work.

The newsletter turned into a book, Mindset Matters, published in May 2022. The Mindset Matters Hub will be launching in the summer of 2023, as will the Mindset Matters podcast.


Gemma Leigh Roberts
Gemma Leigh Roberts


I’m a mum to two small girls who keep me on my toes. I’m a huge advocate of creating a work-life blend that works for you, something I research and live as well (yes, the juggle is real). You can see snippets of how my work and home life blend (collide?) on Instagram.

I’m a LinkedIn Learning instructor, over 4 million learners have taken my courses.

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